Abstract by Diana Calvopina

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Diana Calvopina

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Dulashani Ranasinghe
Basu Aryal
Adam Woolley

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Adam Woolley


Metallization of self-assembling DNA nanotubes to create conductive gold nanowires


DNA directed self-assembly of gold nanorods plays a crucial role in developing a technique for building electrical interconnects that can form the basis of nanoscale circuits. In our lab, we use DNA self-assembly to organize materials at the nanoscale. We do this by taking advantage of the negative charge on DNA nanotubes and adding gold nanorods/nanoparticles with positive surface charges. These gold nanostructures attach to the DNA tubes through ionic interaction. Once the gold nanorods have been assembled in a linear pattern, we use electroless plating in order to connect the seeded particles, resulting in a conductive gold nanowire. We have successfully seeded and plated structures as long as 2 µm. We are currently working on increasing the yield as well as the length of these gold nanowires to perform electrical measurements. Once we prove these nanowires to be conductive, they can be used as interconnects for integrated circuits at the nanoscale.