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Brooke Pliler

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Rebecca Clark
Edward Pimentel
David Wilcox
Merritt Andrus

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Merritt Andrus


Synthesis of Englerin Desmethyl Mimic


Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) is kidney cancer that is known to be aggressive. Because of the aggressive nature of the cancer, it has developed drug resistance to various cancer treatments. A treatment that shows promising results in combating RCC is the use of the molecule Englerin A. This molecule is a natural product that has shown potency and selectivity against RCC activity. The synthesis of this molecule is complex, therefore derivatives of Englerin A have been developed. Various derivatives have shown little potency and have lengthy syntheses.The derivative we are working to synthesize is known as the desmethyl analog of Englerin A. This derivative contains the same backbone as the Englerin A molecule, which we hope will allow it to exhibit similar potency to Englerin A. It also has a simple synthesis. The progress towards the synthesis of the derivative will be reported here.