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Nathan Smith

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Mathematics Education

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Steven Jones


Helping Calculus Instructors Teach with Quantitative Reasoning


Often referred to as “the language of the sciences”, mathematics is a powerful tool used in physical sciences to describe patterns and predict phenomena. However, mathematics is seen differently by those who use it in the sciences and those who work strictly in the field of mathematics. Notation, the use of variables, and concepts such as the integral can vary significantly between those working in the two fields. This becomes problematic for students learning how to use mathematics in their science classes. My study will focus specifically on the disparity in expectations for students in introductory calculus-based physics courses to use quantitative reasoning. The goal of my study is to make quantitative reasoning more widely used as a tool in a calculus course by 1) training calculus teachers about the use of quantitative reasoning and 2) observing its implementation in their lessons.