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Daniel Joaquin

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Steven Castle


Progress Towards the Total Synthesis of Yaku\'amide A Analogues


Yaku'amide A was first isolated from a sponge Ceratopsion sp. in the deep China sea. It has growth inhibitory profile against a panel of 39 human cancer cell lines. The total synthesis of the natural product is lenghty and complex due to E and Z isomers in the peptide backbones. Computational studies performed in our lab have identified two possible analogue candidates that have similar properties as Yaku'amide A. These analogues bypass the need for E and Z isomers, using symmetric dehydro amino acids, hence simplifying the steps in total synthesis. Hereby, I present the progress towards the total synthesis of Yaku'amide A analogues, more specifically the synthesis of the center tripeptide and left side heptapeptide.