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Spencer King

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Physics and Astronomy

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John Colton


Examining Zinc Oxide and Zinc Arsenide Thin Films Through X-Ray Diffraction


Zinc oxide is a promising semiconductor with bandgap in the ultraviolet, with various possible uses in circuitry, including LEDs, high-temperature devices, military technology, and lasers. For use in electronic systems, both p-type and n-type zinc oxide is necessary, but native n-type defects make it difficult for stable p-type material to be produced. We are seeking to synthesize p-type zinc oxide through doping with arsenic, by depositing the zinc oxide on a layer of zinc arsenide. To better understand the process, we have used x-ray diffraction to characterize the crystalline structure of the zinc arsenide and zinc oxide layers. From this data, we have come to a better understanding of the composition of our samples and therefore the creation of p-type zinc oxide.