Abstract by Michaela McCown

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Michaela McCown

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Michael Bradshaw
Zachary Olivier

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Ryan Kelly
Sam Payne


Developing a simple data management system


In a lab generating dozens of datasets at once, keeping track of the information becomes a major concern. It is equally essential to keep track of how and why files were created, what sample they describe and how that sample fits into the experimental design. Both data and the associated meta-data must be properly recorded and stored. We are creating an online data management system to help some of the BYU labs deal with large numbers of records. Four levels of data are defined. The overarching experiment, individuals who samples came from, processed samples, and related datasets are each entered with pertinent information such as project lead, disease status, treatment protocols, where the data files are saved, and so on. This information may be entered directly through the web interface or uploaded from an Excel workbook. The data management system uniformly records and displays this information. For files stored on the BYU super computer, users will have the ability to initiate standard file processing through the web interface.