Abstract by Radhya Weligama Gamage

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Radhya Weligama Gamage

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Daniel Austin

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Daniel Austin


The effects of electrode misalignment on the performance of a Linear Wire Ion Trap


Previous studies have established the linear wire ion trap (LWIT) as a robust mass analyzer particularly amenable to miniaturization. This study is aimed at investigating the effects of LWIT electrode misalignments on the electric field of the trap as well as the instrument performance in terms of resolution, sensitivity, and trapping efficiency. The optimized LWIT was simulated with SIMION 8.0 and the potential across the trap was fitted to a polynomial using MATLAB. It could be seen that the quadrupole field dominates the trap, with secondary contributions from even, higher order fields. Three types of misalignments were identified. Namely, tilting, sliding, and twisting of the support plates. The same calculation as above is performed for the simulated misaligned trap to identify the contribution of higher order fields. Misalignments will also be effected in the physical LWIT and the effects on resolution and sensitivity of the mass spectra as well as the trapping efficiency of the LWIT will also be investigated.