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Ben Vestal

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Roger Harrison


Separating Pertechnetate From Common Water Sources


Pertechnetate (TcO4-) is a hazardous radioactive contaminant produced by nuclear waste and often used in nuclear medicine. Analyzing pertechnetate’s presence in water has been a difficult procedure and there is not a good process to do so. Our goal is to develop a method to separate pertechnetate, to do so we use perrhenate a non-radioactive pertechnetate analog. The method of identifying and isolating perrhenate is to use a resorcinarene based molecule with zinc-cyclen arms, which has proven successful in isolating other common anions. To execute these methods, we have used ion chromatography (IC). We have developed a method to successfully detect the presence of perrhenate in water amongst other common anions. We have also found a method to quantify the presence of perrhenate. We are now working on establishing a preconcentration method to detect the chemical’s presence at low concentrations.