Abstract by Spencer Talbot

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Spencer Talbot

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Jacob Johnson
Zachary Broyles

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Denise Halverson


Modified Zipper Tube Applications for the Spinal Fusion Surgery


Spinal fusion is a common surgical procedure that has been performed over 400,000 times per year in the United States since 2008, and the number of these surgeries has steadily increased since then. To reduce the recovery time for patients, a minimally invasive procedure is often employed. However, one of the main causes of failure in this surgery is subsidence of the spinal implant into the bone. To improve the success rate of the surgery, this research focuses on the application of zipper tube origami patterns to create potential designs to maximize the surface area of the implant in contact with the bone, thereby reducing stress on the vertebrae and subsidence.  To expand the possibilities for the design of an implant, we utilize modifications of the zipper tube pattern. These modifications allow for the design to follow different curves and have tapered forms. We present potential base designs for an improved implant that maximizes surface area in order to reduce stress.