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Abstract by Daniel Rice

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Daniel Rice

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Eric Sevy


Measurement of Low J-States with Pyrimidine


Modeling chemical reactions that take place in atmospheric and combustion reactions requires an in depth understanding of the energy transfers occurring in molecular collisions, however, current understanding is not sufficient to accurately model such reactions. The aim of this research is to determine what qualities affect the P(E,E’) for molecular collisions. Correctly understanding this could lead to a model that can predict P(E,E’) for any two molecules and allow for the calculation of the rate of chemical reactions without time consuming experimental tests first. In our research we will measure ∆E in low J-states using N2O (bath) and pyrimidine (donor) to see if experimental data matches previously predicted low J-state values extrapolated from known high J-state data. Verifying this will contribute to creating a model to predict energy change in bimolecular collisions.