Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #1

Chair: James Patterson
Judge: James Patterson
Judge: Stacey Smith
Location: JKB 1002
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJason CalvinBrian Woodfield
Heat Capacity and Thermodynamics of Zinc 2-Ethylimidazolate
08:30 AMTanner HardyJeremy Johnson
Mapping Interatomic Potential Energy Surfaces to Guide Coherent Control
08:45 AMJason CalvinBrian Woodfield
Heat Capacity and Thermodynamics of Zinc 2-Ethylimidazolate
09:00 AM
09:15 AMSamuel Ellis
Paul Savage
Advances towards the synthesis of SA antigen serotype 8
09:30 AMLindsey FooteDavid Michaelis
Terahertz Generating Organic Crystals
09:45 AM
10:00 AMMadison RhoadesEric Sevy
Comparison of N2O and CO2 collisions

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #2

Chair: Eric Sevy
Judge: Eric Sevy
Judge: Stacey Smith
Location: JKB 1002
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMLily CarlsonDaniel Ess
Development of Explicit Solvation Tools for Quasiclassical Direct Dynamics
10:45 AMBen HeinerJeremy Johnson
Modeling the Terahertz Electric-Field Enhancement of Fractal Antenna Structure
11:00 AMSpencer JeppsonJames Patterson
Detection of Aluminum Sensitization with Second Harmonic Generation
11:15 AMDaniel RiceEric Sevy
Measurement of Low J-States with Pyrimidine
11:30 AMPeter RosenBrian Woodfield
Measuring Heat Capacities Of Pressurized ZIFs
11:45 AMScott SmithJames Patterson
Signal Decay of Second Harmonic Generation Signal
12:00 PMIsaac TangenJeremy Johnson
David Michaelis
Optical characterization of THz generation molecules and crystals
12:15 PMMegan AsplundBrian Woodfield
Pair Distribution Function Study of Silica Dopant Incorporation in Al2O3

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #3

Chair: Paul Savage
Judge: Paul Savage
Judge: Merritt Andrus
Location: JKB 1004
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMDarius BaradaranPaul Savage
Antifungal activity of ceragenin-containing formulations in an ex vivo model
08:30 AMCurt BatemanSteven Castle
Iminyl Radical Cyclizations
08:45 AMNatalie BecarJosh Price
PEG-based increases to conformational and proteolytic stability of a Beta-sheet protein depends on PEGylation strategy and location
09:00 AMJefferson BourdeauDavid Michaelis
Nickel(0) Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions of Allylic Alcohols with Boronic Acids and Amines
09:15 AMJames BurtonSteven Castle
Microwave-Promoted Hydrogen Atom Abstraction
09:30 AMMillicent CampbellDavid Michaelis
Optimizing the enzyme-like reactivity of a bifunctional helical peptide catalyst
09:45 AMBlake ChristensenSteven Castle
Synthesis of Complex Amino Acids in Yaku'amide A
10:00 AMNathaniel BrownJosh Price
PEG Stapling

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #4

Chair: Merritt Andrus
Judge: Paul Savage
Judge: Merritt Andrus
Location: JKB 1004
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMRebecca ClarkMerritt Andrus
Synthesis of Englerin A analog for future RCC drug activity
10:45 AMJordan CoburnPaul Savage
Antibiofilm activity of CSA-131 in poloxamer micelles against pathogenic bacteria and fungi
11:00 AMColton CrowtherMerritt Andrus
Esterified Analogs of Resveratrol
11:15 AMAmanda GarritySteven Castle
Fragmentation of Cyclic Oxime Ethers through Iminyl Radicals
11:30 AMBrian HarrisJosh Price
The Impact of PEGylation on Salt Bridge Interactions
11:45 AMTeron HayniePaul Savage
Synthesis of candidate Natural Killer T cell ligands utilizing novel tandem Staudinger and aziridine formation reaction
12:00 PMJordan HintzeSteven Castle
Synthesis of Yakuamide A Right-Hand Tetrapeptide
12:15 PMJacob DavisMatt Asplund
FTIR Measurements of Glycerol Reactions

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #5

Chair: Hal Chase
Judge: Joshua Andersen
Judge: Josh Price
Location: JKB 1006
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAndy BennettSteven Graves
A peptidomic approach for biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease
08:30 AMBrooke Brady
Pam Van Ry
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
08:45 AMNicholas BrownRichard Watt
Effects of Ceruloplasmin on Liver Ferroportin
09:00 AMRussell DentonJohn Price
The Affects of Apolipoprotein E on Alzheimer’s Disease Development
09:15 AMEddie Sai Lun LeeKenneth Christensen
The Interaction of Capillary Morphogenesis Gene 2 (CMG2) and Extracellular Cellular Matrix (ECM)
09:30 AMLavender Hsien-Jun LinJohn Price
Investigation of the effect of reduced synthesis and degradation on in vivo protein stability
09:45 AMBradley NaylorJohn Price
Progress Towards Development of an Open Source Human Kinetic Proteomics Software Tool
10:00 AMJonard ValdozJoshua Andersen
TNK1 interactors and implications in cancer survival

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #6

Chair: Ken Christensen
Judge: Ken Christensen
Judge: Joshua Andersen
Location: JKB 1006
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMEmily CannonJohn Price
Generation of chemoresistant human colon cancer cell line
10:45 AMKyle GardnerJohn Price
Determining the Effects of Caloric Restriction on Ribosome Maintenance and Protein Quality Control
11:00 AMIsabella JamesJohn Price
Paul Farnsworth
Development of Ambient Mass Spectrometry Imaging Techniques to Map Spatially Resolved Lipid Metabolism in Mouse Brains
11:15 AMKristina KohlerJoshua Andersen
Mechanisms of Upstream TNK1 Regulation Affect Cancer Proliferation and Autophagy
11:30 AMMichael MannBarry Willardson
Role of the cytosolic chaperonin CCT in mTOR complex formation
11:45 AMJessie PayneKenneth Christensen
The Effects of CMG2 on Cell Adhesion to Extracellular Matrix Proteins
12:00 PMDaniel PoulsonDaniel Mortensen
Antibiotic Methods of Organic Compounds Derived from Essential Oil of Oregano
12:15 PMNathan ZunigaJohn Price
Detection of Post-Translational Modifications Using Mass Spectrometry

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #7

Chair: Jeff Silk
Judge: Jeffrey Macedone
Judge: Steven Goates
Location: JKB 1008
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMHaifa AlmughamsiAdam Woolley
Development of immunoaffinity extraction methods for preterm birth biomarkers in 3D printed microfluidic devices
08:30 AMBasu AryalAdam Woolley
Metallization of DNA Origami Templates Using Nanoparticles and Nanorods
08:45 AM
09:00 AM
09:15 AM
09:30 AMJiuzhi GaoDaniel Austin
A two-dimensional impact trajectory analyzer based on printed circuit board image-charge detectors
09:45 AMDavid HarrisAdam Woolley
Antibiotic resistant bacteria DNA capture using magnetic beads in a microfluidic system
10:00 AMBrigham ClawsonMatthew Linford
Optimization of a Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer Through New Standard Operating Procedure

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #8

Chair: Pam Van Ry
Judge: Barry Willardson
Judge: Pam Van Ry
Location: JKB 1008
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMMarcus HadfieldJohn Price
Finding the Proteins Connected to Rheumatoid Arthritis
10:45 AMDallin JeffsJohn Price
Understanding Ribosomal Maintenance Under Varying Dietary Conditions.
11:00 AMLogan LarsenJoshua Andersen
The Role of TNK1 in Cancer
11:15 AMKatherine McCormackJoshua Andersen
Interaction of TAK1 and TAB2 on 14-3-3z
11:30 AMCody Roberts
Kenneth Christensen
Identifying CMG2 Intracellular Interactomes
11:45 AMJoseph CreeryJohn Price
Identifying ApoE isoform dependent changes for protein turnover in the brain
12:00 PMBlake NordbladBarry Willardson
Isolation of the mLST8-CCT Intermediate in the Assembly of mTOR Complexes
12:15 PM

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #9

Chair: Earl Woolley
Judge: Dan Ess
Judge: Earl Woolley
Location: JKB 1010
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMRyan CarlsenDaniel Ess
Direct Dynamics Reveals Organometallic Intermediate Skipping
08:30 AMBrittany KnightonJeremy Johnson
Terahertz Waveform Considerations for Driving Lattice Vibrations into the Anharmonic Regime
08:45 AMDoo-Hyun KwonDaniel Ess
Computational Catalyst Design of Selective Ethylene Oligomerization
09:00 AMJonathan LynchRoger Harrison
Polyamine Complexes of Copper (II) for Influenza A M2 Inhibition
09:15 AMChristine Anh Nguyen-SorensonKara Stowers
MOF-Derived Carbon Supported Copper Composite as Heterogeneous Catalyst
09:30 AMjustin parkKara Stowers
Low temperature oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane by Ce modified NiNb catalysts
09:45 AMKaylee RellafordJames Patterson
Optical Characterization of Stressed Aluminum
10:00 AMZHENG ZHOUKara Stowers
Synthesis, Characterization, Carbon Dioxide Capture and Steam Stability of Covalently Grafted Amine Modified Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #10

Chair: James Patterson
Judge: Richard Watt
Judge: James Patterson
Location: JKB 1010
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJeffrey Coombs
Steven Goates
Measurement of Blood Insulin Levels with Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
10:45 AMZachary EvansRoger Harrison
Hydrogen Sulfide Adsorption with Zinc Oxide Nano Materials
11:00 AMAshley HoldawayDaniel Ess
Main Group Metal Acetates and Methane Reactivity
11:15 AMspencer leeKara Stowers
Molybdenum-Tin catalyzed N-formylation of aniline
11:30 AMTheo Stoddard-BennettRichard Watt
Gold Nanoparticles as Catalyst for Oxidation of NADH
11:45 AMSteven YorkRichard Watt
Homocysteinylation of Transferrin in Relation to Oxidative Stress and Neurodegeneration
12:00 PMTyler WilsonRoger Harrison
Cavitands and supramolecular chemistry
12:15 PMMichael EllsworthRoger Harrison
Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Using Zinc Oxide Nanoplates

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #11

Chair: Steve Castle
Judge: Steve Castle
Judge: Todd Bronson
Location: JKB 1012
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMSteven DraperJosh Price
How PEG can Increase Protein Conformational Stability
08:30 AMChloe EnceDavid Michaelis
Enantioselective Allylic Amination using Hetetrobimetallic Catalysis
08:45 AMSiyeon ImSteven Castle
Cyclization and Fragmentation of Oxime Ethers
09:00 AMMichael KinghornDavid Michaelis
Rationally Designed Bifunctional Helical Peptides for Enzyme-like Selectivity
09:15 AMConcordia LoSteven Castle
Microwave Promoted Iminyl Radical Fragmentations for the Synthesis of Functionalized Nitriles
09:30 AMSara MataPaul Savage
NMR use in total synthesis of serotype 8 of Staphylococcus aureus
09:45 AMDiana I. SaavedraMerritt Andrus
Application of the Intramolecular Styryl Diels-Alder reaction (ISDA) to Construct the Anticancer Agent Deoxypodophyllotoxin DPT and Antiviral F4
10:00 AM

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #12

Chair: Josh Price
Judge: Steven Castle
Judge: Josh Price
Location: JKB 1012
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMBrady JamesPaul Savage
Development and Testing of NKT Cell Stimulating Non-Peptide Conjugate Vaccine.
10:45 AMDavid KastnerSteven Castle
Progress toward synthetically simplified Yaku’amide A analogues
11:00 AMKimberlee LarsenJosh Price
Crystallography of Proteins to Obtain Structural Data
11:15 AMMichael LeeSteven Castle
Substitution of Bulky Dehydroamino Acids in 310 Helices
11:30 AMNathan LyonsDavid Michaelis
Enantioselectivity of Enzyme-like Bi-functional Catalysis
11:45 AMErin MartinezDavid Michaelis
Enantioselective Catalysis Using Chiral Ti-Pd Complexes
12:00 PMCollin SandersonSteven Castle
Dehydroamino Acid Substitution into 3-10 Helices
12:15 PM

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #13

Chair: Adam Woolley
Judge: Adam Woolley
Judge: David Dearden
Location: JKB 1018
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMNitish BhardwajJaron Hansen
Use of GC-MS Organic Aerosol Monitor for In-field detection of Organic Particulate Matter
08:30 AMShiladitya ChatterjeeMatthew Linford
08:45 AMJames CoombsDaniel Ess
Mechanistic Study for Co–Zr Phosphinoamide Catalyzed Kumada Coupling Reaction
09:00 AMElaura GustafsonDaniel Austin
Charge detection mass spectrometry of microparticles using printed circuit board electrode arrays
09:15 AMRobert HansonAdam Woolley
Capture of drug resistance genes linked to septic shock via sequence specific hybridization in a microfluidic device
09:30 AMMegan NielsonPaul Farnsworth
Characterization of Helium Plasma of Varying Conditions by the Absolute Number Density of Helium Metastable Atoms
09:45 AMEllen ParkerAdam Woolley
Affinity Extraction of Preterm Birth Biomarkers in 3D Printed Microfluidic Devices
10:00 AMBrigham PopeDavid Dearden
MultiCRAFTI: Overcoming Kinetic Energy Dependence and Limits of Fourier Transform Based Single Collision Cross Section Measurements

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #14

Chair: Jeffrey Macedone
Judge: Jeffrey Macedone
Judge: David Dearden
Location: JKB 1018
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJanice DarkoAdam Woolley
Rapid Labeling of Model Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria DNA using Fluorimetry
10:45 AMJacob Erickson
Matthew Linford
Measurement of thin alumina (Al 2 O 3 ) films by spectroscopic ellipsometry and water-contact angle goniometry
11:00 AMYonghoo Jo

Kenneth Christensen
Stepped concentration barcoding for analysis of multiple biosensor readout to monitor glycolysis in African trypanosomes
11:15 AMAnna NielsenAdam Woolley
Separation of a Panel of Preterm Birth Biomarkers using Microchip Electrophoresis
11:30 AMDevon OversonJaron Hansen
A GS-MS Organic Aerosol Monitor for Identifying and Quantifying Organic Compounds in Airborne Particulate Matter
11:45 AMScott ParkerMatthew Linford
SiOH+ / Si+ Data Collected from Display Glass Using ToF-SIMS
12:00 PMJessica RichardsJaron Hansen
Zeolite Thresholds for Renewable Energy
12:15 PM

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #15

Chair: Barry Willardson
Judge: Barry Willardson
Judge: John Price
Location: JKB 1020
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMRichard CarsonJohn Price
A Multi-omics Analysis of Lifespan Extension in Mice Through Short-term Calorie Restriction Reveals Mechanisms of Post-Transcriptional Proteome Regulation
08:30 AMJongsu ChoiKenneth Christensen
Mechanism of glucose transport in Trypanosoma brucei
08:45 AMNaomi FlindtRichard Watt
Zinc Bound Metallothionein Facilitates Ferritin Loading
09:00 AMWilliam LudlamBarry Willardson
Structure of the mLST8-CCT Folding Intermediate
09:15 AMColten McEwanJoshua Andersen
Identifying LRBA as a Novel Regulator of ATG9A
09:30 AMTheresa SmithBarry Willardson
The role of CCT in folding the crucial visual cycle protein, RPE65
09:45 AMMonique SpeirsJohn Price
A kinetic proteomics approach to identify targets of autophagy in colorectal cancer and increase treatment specificity
10:00 AMMary Vallcillo
Pam Van Ry
Recombinant Galectin-1 Protein Therapy in Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type 2B

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #16

Chair: John Price
Judge: Steve Graves
Judge: John Price
Location: JKB 1020
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMAustin EllisKenneth Christensen
The role of hyaline fibromatosis mutations in Capillary Morphogenesis Gene protein 2 on extracellular matrix interactions
10:45 AMConnor HolmanJohn Price
Variations in sphingolipid rheostat and pathway between cancerous and non-cancerous pancreatic cells
11:00 AMMax JonesJohn Price
Applying proteomics and metabolomics to understand the role of sphingolipid signaling in pancreatic cancer and drug sensitivity
11:15 AMMisael LazaroJoshua Andersen
The mechanism of Autophagy Initiation
11:30 AMJoshua McPhieJohn Price
Phosphoproteomic Investigation of the Mechanism of Calorie Restriction Attenuation by Dietary Protein Signaling
11:45 AMJuliana MorrisonSteven Graves
Using Gender-Specific Lipid Biomarkers to Diagnose Very Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease
12:00 PMAlexandra ThornockJoshua Andersen
Interaction of ATG9A with the ULK1 Complex in Autophagy
12:15 PMAlec Wallace
Kenneth Christensen
Developing a tool for CMG2 proximity proteomics: Cloning a CMG2-EGFP-BirA knock-in using CRISPR

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #17

Chair: Daniel Mortensen
Judge: Daniel Austin
Judge: Daniel Mortensen
Location: JKB 1013
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMCameron DahlquistMatthew Linford
Coordination of Undergraduate Researchers
08:30 AMGrant HodgesMatthew Linford
NSL Polystyrene nano-sphere deposition
08:45 AMJacob NielsenAdam Woolley
Formation of Thrombin-Antithromin Complex for Separation of Preterm Birth Biomarkers
09:00 AMDavid SchvaneveldtSteven Goates
Degradation Study of Nalbuphine
09:15 AMJoseph SimpsonSteven Goates
Solvating Gas Chromatography
09:30 AMTrayton SpethDavid Dearden
Effects of Varying Background Collision Gasses
09:45 AMCollin StocksdaleJaron Hansen
Pretreatment of Lignocellulose with Caldicellulosiruptor bescii
10:00 AMJacob Vance
Kenneth Christensen
Obtaining multiplexed measurements in Trypanosoma brucei with the use of fluorescent staining

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #18

Chair: Daniel Austin
Judge: Daniel Austin
Judge: Daniel Mortensen
Location: JKB 1013
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMDaniel BallifAdam Woolley
Formulation of Photopolymer Resins for Use in 3D Printing Microfluidic Devices
10:45 AMJared Dickson
Steven Goates
Low Dead Volume Detection for Chromatography
11:00 AMLandon FisherMatthew Linford
Instrumentation Parameters for Analyzing Surface Hydroxyls Using TOF-SIMS
11:15 AMJacob HickeyDavid Dearden
Gas Phase Structures of Cryptand-Metal Ion Complexes
11:30 AMRyan RutterJaron Hansen
11:45 AMJacob ShanerDavid Dearden
Supercharging through the Looking Glass: The Use of Silicon-Based Supercharging Reagents in Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #19

Chair: Matt Linford
Judge: Matt Linford
Judge: Roger Harrison
Location: JKB 1005
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAnnie ArmitsteadRichard Watt
Paper Lateral Flow Immunoassay
08:30 AMLara GretherRichard Watt
Lateral Flow Immunoassay (LFI) Diagnostics and Optimization
08:45 AMSteven ChristiansenRichard Watt
Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) as a Potential Treatment for Demyelinated Neurons by Restoring Glycolysis in Oligodendrocytes
09:00 AMEthan DamronRoger Harrison
Copper (II) N-(-2-aminoethyl)glycine as an Influenza Inhibitor
09:15 AMCamille JacksonKara Stowers
Using Glycerol as a Reducing Agent for N-Oxides
09:30 AMGabriel ValdiviaJeremy Johnson
David Michaelis
New Organic Crystals for THz generation
09:45 AMJacob WarrenRoger Harrison
Sequestering Perrhenate using Zinc Cyclen Resorcinarene Macrocycles
10:00 AMNathan ZunigaRichard Watt
Glutathione and Homocystiene Interactions with Iron. Loading into Ferritin

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #20

Chair: Roger Harrison
Judge: Roger Harrison
Judge: Christine Ackroyd
Location: JKB 1005
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJoshua DaumRoger Harrison
Chiral recognition using resorcinarenes
10:45 AMKevin FooteRichard Watt
Fe3+ Loading into Transferrin
11:00 AMDaniel JohnstonRoger Harrison
Using copper-bound molecules to kill the flu.
11:15 AMRyan SmithRichard Watt
Effect of chelation by Calcein on iron release into the Labile Iron Pool
11:30 AMBen VestalRoger Harrison
Pertechnetate Separation Techniques
11:45 AMWendy WilliamsDaniel Ess
Computational Study of Palladium Acetate Catalyzed Arylcarboxylation
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #21

Chair: Matt Peterson
Judge: Matt Peterson
Judge: Shenglou Deng
Location: JKB 1001A
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMTanner Mitton
Paul Savage
Synthesis of Streptococcus Pneumoniae Serotype 23F Oligosaccharide Antigen
08:30 AMGregory Mohl
David Michaelis
In Silico Discovery of Influenza Polymerase Inhibitors
08:45 AMRyan MoorePaul Savage
Activity of Ceragenins in presence of Pluronic F-127 on Pathogenic Bacteria and Fungi
09:00 AMMaddi TaylorPaul Savage
In vitro activity of ceragenins against Candida auris biofilms
09:15 AMErika WeirDavid Michaelis
Proximity-enabled dual catalysis on a bifunctional helical peptide catalyst
09:30 AM
09:45 AM
10:00 AM

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #22

Chair: Shenglou Deng
Judge: Matt Peterson
Judge: Shenglou Deng
Location: JKB 1001A
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMDavid Wilcox
Merritt Andrus
Englerin: A Potential Drug Against Kidney Cancer
10:45 AMJohn WilsonPaul Savage
Ceragenins in the Respiratory System: An Ev vivo Study
11:00 AMHyrum Wright

Matt Peterson
Synthesis of Potential Anticancer Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors
11:15 AMconnor yost
Paul Savage
advances towards the synthesis of SA antigen serotype 8
11:30 AMAaron ZauggPaul Savage
Susceptibility of drug resistant C. auris to ceragenins
11:45 AMStephen WhiteSteven Castle
Synthesis of Analogues of Yaku'Amide A
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #23

Chair: Eric Sevy
Judge: Eric Sevy
Judge: Shayne Sorensen
Location: JKB 1001C
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMKelsey CanizalesBrian Woodfield
Kara Stowers
NiO on Novel Silica-doped Gamma Alumina as an Improved Catalyst for the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane
08:30 AMDallin ArnoldJeremy Johnson
Trapping Particles in an Optical Trap
08:45 AMZachary HigleyMatt Asplund
Prototype Titration Calorimeter for Physical and Analytical Chemistry Laboratories
09:00 AMEmmalee McMurrayJeremy Johnson
David Michaelis
Improving Crystal Environment to Increase Terahertz Generation
09:15 AMConnor SchroederEric Sevy
Collisional Energy Transfer Extrapolation from Large deltaE Regions
09:30 AMDallin SmithJames Patterson
Effect of Varying Strain Rate on Polymer Samples
09:45 AMRebekah TorgesenJeremy Johnson
Enhancing terahertz generation from laser-induced plasma
10:00 AMAlex FarnsworthJames Patterson
Angle-dependent Temporal Profiling of Sum Frequency Generated Response

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #24

Chair: Rebecca Sansom
Judge: Steven Wood
Judge: Rebecca Sansom
Location: JKB 1001C
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMCaroline HansenJeffrey Macedone
Closing the Gap Between Student Performance and Potential
10:45 AMAlly McCormickJennifer Nielson
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Student-Generated Questions
11:00 AMErica SuhRebecca Sansom
Effects of decision-based learning on exam performance of undergraduate chemistry students

Computer Science Session #1

Chair: Brian Hill
Judge: Ryan Farrell
Judge: Brian Hill
Location: JKB 2110
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMNathan Anderson

Jacob Crandall
Composable AI
08:30 AMDallin Clayton

Mike Goodrich
Dynamically Feasible, Energy Efficient Robot Path Planning
08:45 AMJacob CarterDennis Ng
Automated Video Game Categorization
09:00 AMMolly Barrott
Parris Egbert
Seth Holladay
Avatar Location Prediction in Virtual Reality
09:15 AMMolly BarrottQuinn Snell
Machine Learning for Alzheimer's Prediction
09:30 AMDJ PasseySean Warnick
Destabilization attack design for discrete time feedback systems
09:45 AMSeth StewartBill Barrett
Pixel-Labeling Document Images using Neural Networks for Content Masking and Text Recognition
10:00 AMEllie Van De GraaffChristophe Giraud-Carrier
Quantitatively Evaluating Social Capital on Twitter

Computer Science Session #2

Chair: Devin Lineberry
Judge: Bryan Morse
Judge: David Wingate
Location: JKB 2110
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMConnor Anderson

Ryan Farrell
Fine Grained Recognition Using Planar Semantic Parts
10:45 AMPaul BodilyDan Ventura
Computational Creativity: Machine Learning in Music Composition
11:00 AMStephen Cowley
Kevin Seppi
Semi-Supervised Learning with Meta-Data Map
11:15 AMJoe DavisonChristophe Giraud-Carrier
Inferring Individual Features from Face Identity Embeddings
11:30 AMThomas EllsworthSeth Holladay
The Bird and The Fish: Motion Field-Based Frame Interpolation in the Context of a Story
11:45 AMMike BrodieTony Martinez
MC-GAN: Multiple Choice Generative Adversarial Networks
12:00 PMKen ReeseKent Seamons
Comparing the Usability of Two-factor Authentication
12:15 PMNathan WoodburySean Warnick
Behavior and Computation

Computer Science Session #3

Chair: Geoff Nielsen
Judge: Christophe Giraud-Carrier
Judge: Seth Holladay
Location: JKB 2111
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMEric Schofield

Frank Jones
DOTKey: Sight-free text entry for touch enabled devices
08:45 AMAli Harrison

Frank Jones
DOTKey Device Implementation
09:00 AMSean FlynnParris Egbert
Adaptive Fluid Simulation Using a Linear Octree Structure
09:15 AMCole LymanMark Clement
Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction Using Colored de Bruijn Graphs
09:30 AMSeth LamDennis Ng
Movie recommendation using matrix factorization
09:45 AMAaron Love
Mike Goodrich
3D Immersive Interface for Interactive Robotics Path-Planning
10:00 AM

Computer Science Session #4

Chair: Jacob Crandall
Judge: Parris Egbert
Judge: Jacob Crandall
Location: JKB 2111
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMEdward Doyle
Dan Ventura
A Computationally Creative Approach to Urban Design
10:45 AMWyatt EarnshawSeth Holladay
Parris Egbert
Real-Time Crowd Rendering
11:00 AMAlisha BanskotaDennis Ng
A Graduate School Recommendation System
11:15 AMBen BayDan Ventura
Dynamically Scoring Rhymes with Phonetic Features and Sequence Alignment
11:30 AMChris FortunaChristophe Giraud-Carrier
Deep Sleep Apnea Screening With Adapted Transformer Networks
11:45 AMSamuel Giraud-Carrier

R. Brent Adams
Seth Holladay
Grendel Production
12:00 PMRobert Alger

Mark Clement
The United States Census and Machine Learning: A Practical Application
12:15 PM

CS 3-Minute Session #5

Chair: Cindy Snow
Judge: Eric Mercer
Judge: Casey Deccio
Location: JKB 2113
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBruce Stoutenburg
Mark Clement
Census Record Auto-Indexing with Optical Character Recognition
08:19 AMNancy FuldaDavid Wingate
EVE: Emotive Adversarial Ensembles for Mixed Initiative Dialog
08:23 AMTorstein Collett
Daniel Zappala
The Secure Socket API
08:27 AMLuke DickinsonKent Seamons
Leveraging Locality of Reference in Web Requests to Improve TLS Certificate Revocation
08:31 AMJonathan DutsonKent Seamons
Perceptions of Two-factor Authentication at Brigham Young University
08:35 AMAnders EvensenFrank Jones
Room-level 3-dimensional scanning
08:39 AMAlexander Fabiano
Sean Warnick
Automated Discovery of Diagnostic and Procedural Episodes of Care
08:43 AMAndrew Carr
David Wingate
Medical image reconstruction using deep learning
08:47 AMTiana GaleSean Warnick
Data Annotation and Automatic Event Extraction
08:51 AMAadesh NeupaneMike Goodrich
GEESE: Grammatical Evolution Algorithm for Evolution of Swarm Behaviors
08:55 AMJavid PackParris Egbert
Real-time FLIP Fluid Simulation through Machine Learning Approximations
08:59 AMJoshua Greaves

David Wingate
3M Holodeck: A High Fidelity Simulator For Deep Reinforcement Learning
09:03 AMTanner PerdueDaniel Zappala
Enhancing Network Security through Dynamic Overrides
09:07 AMMason PoggemannChristophe Giraud-Carrier
A Comparison of Machine Learning Classifiers Across Platforms
09:11 AMJoshua SmithMark Transtrum
Sentiment Extraction from Crowd Noise
09:15 AMMcKell Stauffer

David Wingate
Variational Autoencoders and Reinforcement Learning
09:19 AMMichael TowneSeth Holladay
Player Encouragement in BYU's Rhythm Fighting Game
09:23 AMChih-Han TsaiBill Barrett
Applying Machine Learning to Chinese Jiapu
09:27 AMJordan WhiteheadDaniel Zappala
Hacking the Linux Kernel for Fun and Publications
09:31 AMRachael YoungChristophe Giraud-Carrier
Applying Data Mining to SHARP Surveys
09:35 AM
09:39 AM
09:43 AM

CS 3-Minute Session #6

Chair: John Somerville
Judge: Daniel Zappala
Judge: John Somerville
Location: JKB 2113
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMChristian ArnoldMark Clement
Improving Family History Through Relative Finder
10:34 AMConnor Christopherson

David Wingate
Translation Between Emergent Communication Protocols
10:38 AMJonathan Demke
Casey Deccio
DNS NSEC Deployment
10:42 AMSeth DonaldsonChristophe Giraud-Carrier
Metalearning Using Metadata
10:46 AMTyler Etchart
David Wingate
Auxiliary Memory Models for Deep Neural Networks
10:50 AMWilson FearnKevin Seppi
Feature Hashing to Improve Interactive Topic Modeling Speeds
10:54 AMJohn GroshMike Goodrich
Effective Interfacing of Human and Robotic Swarm Organizations
10:58 AMAndrew HaleRyan Farrell
Multi-view Learning of Object Geometry
11:02 AMJeremy Hodges
Mark Clement
Record Quest
11:06 AMChase MaxfieldChristophe Giraud-Carrier
Identifying Gateway Prescription Drugs Using Twitter
11:10 AMBenjamin Ogles
Eric Mercer
Minimizing Schedule Enumeration for Proving Data Race Freedom
11:14 AMRobert PottorffDavid Wingate
Learning Object-oriented Embeddings
11:18 AMSeth Poulsen
Eric Mercer
3M Static Data Race Detection with Abstract Interpretation
11:22 AMAdam RileySeth Holladay
BeatBoxers - Musical Videogame Design
11:26 AMBrad SpendloveKent Seamons
CONIKS Goes Mobile: Verifiable Public Key Infrastructure for Encrypted Messaging Apps
11:30 AMKenneth StocksCasey Deccio
Dns Proximity and Behavior
11:34 AMEunice Tan
Casey Deccio
A Quantitative Study of the Deployment of Email Anti-Spoofing Mechanisms
11:38 AMNathan TibbettsDavid Wingate
Analyzing and Improving Embedding Spaces
11:42 AMCorey Woodfield

Christophe Giraud-Carrier
Tweets and their Ability to Detect Intimate Partner Violence
11:46 AM
11:50 AM
11:54 AM
11:58 AM

Computer Science Session #7

Chair: David White
Judge: Cory Barker
Judge: Dan Ventura
Location: JKB 2114
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMDaniel Metro

Daniel Zappala
Toward Usable Secure Messaging
08:30 AMBrandon SchoenfeldChristophe Giraud-Carrier
Machine Learning Pipeline Recommendation with Active Meta-learning
08:45 AMIris SeamanDavid Wingate
Probabilistic Programming for Theory of Mind for Autonomous Decision Making in a Pursuing and Interception Problem
09:00 AMTanner Jensen

Mark Clement
Motif Discovery in Antimicrobial Peptides
09:15 AMJacob Livingston
Mike Goodrich
09:30 AMAdam BurdettPhil Windley
Pico Engine JavaScript Module
09:45 AMHumphrey LeungSean Warnick
Sufficient and Necessary Condition of Preserving Network Structural Semantics
10:00 AM

Computer Science Session #8

Chair: Mike Quin
Judge: Quinn Snell
Judge: Phil Windley
Location: JKB 2114
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMKaleb Olson

Mark Clement
Validation of a New Program that Performs Multiple Genome Comparisons (Kleuren)
10:45 AMJoseph JohnsonChristophe Giraud-Carrier
Fusing Game Theory and Network Theory to Model Southern Asian Geopolitics
11:00 AMMcKean Krieger
Dan Ventura
Computational Narrative Generation in Modern Media
11:15 AMFanqing(Alex) LinTony Martinez
Flow Adaptive Video Object Segmentation
11:30 AMPei GuoRyan Farrell
Fine-grained Visual Categorization using PAIRS: Pose and Appearance Integration for Recognizing Subcategories
11:45 AMSean LaneSean Warnick
Contingency Analysis of Critical Infrastructure Systems
12:00 PMNate SwinneySeth Holladay
Video Game Graphics
12:15 PM

Computer Science Session #9

Chair: John Somerville
Judge: Tony Martinez
Judge: Ken Rodham
Location: JKB 2112
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMCharles JohnsonSean Warnick
Source-Centered Linear Dynamical Network Modeling
08:30 AMIain Lee

Mark Clement
Census Record Image Segmentation
08:45 AMAdam Burdett
Phil Windley
Pico Behavioral Based Robotics
09:00 AMChristine PartingtonChristophe Giraud-Carrier
Analysis of Therapist Effects
09:15 AMAustin Rodriguez

R. Brent Adams
Grendel Production
09:30 AMMeher ShaikhMike Goodrich
When does a human replan? Exploring intent-based replanning in multi-objective path planning,
09:45 AMCurtis WigingtonBill Barrett
End-to-end Trainable, Full Page, Handwriting Recognition
10:00 AM

Computer Science Session #10

Chair: Mike Quin
Judge: Mike Goodrich
Judge: Frank Jones
Location: JKB 2112
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMEmily Hoskins
Mark Clement
Automated Parameter Selection for Whole Genome Comparison using de Bruijn Graphs
10:45 AMEmily Prigmore MendenSean Warnick
Modeling Trophic Cascades at Yellowstone National Park
11:00 AMDallin PulsipherSeth Holladay
Endogenous vs Exogenous Gamification
11:15 AMNaomi JohnsonKevin Seppi
Inclusion of Women in the Computer Science Department at BYU
11:30 AMNaomi JohnsonKevin Seppi
Michael Jones
Video Annotation Tool: Making Prototyping Easier
11:45 AMTrevor SmithKent Seamons
Certificate Revocation Forests: Distributing the Revocation Problem
12:00 PMRoland LaboulayeChristophe Giraud-Carrier
Kevin Seppi
Searching a Metafeature-Defined State Space
12:15 PM

Geological Sciences Session #1

Chair: Earl Norris
Judge: John McBride
Judge: Tom Chidsey
Location: JKB 2002
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMOmar AhmadScott Ritter
Identifying Microbial Reefs in the Timpoweap Member, located in the Lower Triassic Moenkopi Formation of Hurricane Cliffs, Utah.
08:30 AMAustin Bertoch
Sam Hudson
Statistical Analysis of Complex Stacking Patterns of the Trail Member Fluvial Sandstones, Ericson Sandstone, Mesaverde Group
08:45 AMChelsea Jolley
Sam Hudson
Fluvial Connectivity Analysis and Reservoir Characterization of the Trail Member, Ericson Sandstone, Mesaverde Group in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah
09:00 AMJason KlimekSam Hudson
Organic carbon analysis of the Long Ridge bar set, Delta UT.
09:15 AMJoshua MeibosScott Ritter
Sequence Biostratigraphy of Pennsylvanian and Permian Carbonates from the Burbank Hills, Utah
09:30 AMChris PerfiliScott Ritter
Core Description and Petrographic Analysis of the Desert Creek Sequence (Middle Pennsylvanian) in the Aneth Field, Paradox Basin, SE Utah.
09:45 AMAlex WashburnSam Hudson
Constraining Maikop source rock stratigraphy, deposition, and timing using chemostratigraphy of redox-sensitive metals and Re-Os geochronology
10:00 AM

Geological Sciences Session #2

Chair: Tom Chidsey
Judge: Steve Nelson
Judge: Scott Ritter
Location: JKB 2002
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMRudger DameDavid Allred
Jani Radebaugh
Effects of Martian Surface Materials on the Thermal Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide
10:45 AMLauren FranzenBart Kowallis
Eric Christiansen
Titanite zoning in the Oligocene Little Cottonwood granite, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
11:00 AMRowan HuangJani Radebaugh
Eric Christiansen
Determining outlines of basalt shield and other planetary craterforms
11:15 AMDanielle SpencerEric Christiansen
11:30 AMPaul StamlerRod Scheetz
Right Time, Wrong Place: The Mystery of the Hybodont Shark elements in the Yellow Cat Member of the cedar Mountain Formation
11:45 AMKatelyn WheldonEric Christiansen
Determining Magma Storage Pressure with DERP: An Example from the Snake River Plain, Idaho
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Geological Sciences Session #3

Chair: Randy Skinner
Judge: Eric Christiansen
Judge: Rod Scheetz
Location: JKB 2004
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMClaire AshcraftRon Harris
Identifying the Source of an 1820 Earthquake and Tsunami South of Sulawesi, Indonesia and Evaluating the Potential of a Future Recurrence
08:30 AMBryce BerrettRon Harris
Tsunami Mitigation Hazard Maps and Models
08:45 AMSpencer Giddens
Ron Harris
Jared Whitehead
Identifying the Source of an 1820 Earthquake and Tsunami South of Sulawesi, Indonesia through Geologic Data and Numerical Modeling
09:00 AMCaleb McCurryRon Harris
Using Indonesia to Find Relationships between Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and the Change in Earth's Angular Acceleration
09:15 AMJoel BarkerSteve Nelson
Water balance study and climate record analysis of a fen and its accompanying watershed in Central Utah
09:30 AMSchuyler RobinsonSteve Nelson
Non-Tuberculosis Mycobacterium correlations with soil and water characteristics on the Hawaiian Islands
09:45 AMPeter Van Katwyk

Steve Nelson
Hawaiian clays that house Mycobacterium
10:00 AMChelsea SamuelsonRon Harris
Adopt-A-Classroom: Mitigating nonstructural hazards in local schools along the Wasatch Front

Geological Sciences Session #4

Chair: Steve Church
Judge: Mike Dorais
Judge: Jeff Keith
Location: JKB 2004
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMBen GodwinJohn McBride
Thermal water inflow correlation with subsurface offsets in the footwall damage zone of the Hurricane Fault at Pah Tempe hot springs, Hurricane, Utah.
10:45 AMAmy JeppsonMike Dorais
The Geology of Northern New England
11:00 AMKaleb MarkertJohn McBride
Reconstruction of a Holocene Carbonate Strand Plain from Integration of High-resolution GPR and Carbon-14 Dating
11:15 AMTara NyeJohn McBride
Geophysical Exploration of the Hurricane Fault and its Use in Determing Fluid Discharge Sites in Complex Fault Zones at Pah Tempe Hot Springs, Hurricane, Utah
11:30 AMGeoffrey RitterJohn McBride
Chemostratigraphy and Burial History of the Gothic Shale (Middle Pennsylvanian), Paradox Basin, SE Utah.
11:45 AMKatelynn SmithJohn McBride
Sam Hudson
Steve Nelson
Greg Carling
A Geophysical and Geological Analysis of a Regressive-Phase Lake Bonneville Deposit, Pilot Valley, NV
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Geological Sciences Session #5

Chair: Bart Kowallis
Judge: Mike Dorais
Judge: Steve Church
Location: JKB 2011
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMRyan ChadburnJeff Keith
08:30 AMSteven HoodJeff Keith
Mapping the Catastrophic Traverse Mountain Landslide
08:45 AMCollin JensenJeff Keith
Multi-stage Intrusion and Differentiation: The emplacement and Lithology of the Little Cottonwood Stock
09:00 AMPorter HenzeBart Kowallis
Eric Christiansen
Interpreting Growth and Resorption of Titanite in the Jurassic Notch Peak Granite, Western Utah
09:15 AMThane KindredJeff Keith
Locating the pebble dikes in Little Cottonwood Canyon
09:30 AMSamuel MartinJeff Keith
Mapping landslide-generated pseudotachylyte in Dry Creek Canyon, Utah
09:45 AMTia MisuracaGreg Carling
Cataclasite found in Traverse mountain range supporting hypothesis of large landslide
10:00 AMJoseph TolworthyJeff Keith
Eric Christiansen
The geometric constraints on the mega landslide of the central Wasatch Mountains, Utah

Geological Sciences Session #6

Chair: Dave Noble
Judge: Brooks Britt
Judge: Sam Hudson
Location: JKB 2011
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMNatalie BarkdullGreg Carling
Mercury contamination in four Indonesian watersheds affected by small-scale artisanal gold mining
10:45 AMandrew bentzGreg Carling
Tracing Dust Deposition Along the Wasatch Front
11:00 AMCameron CordnerGreg Carling
Utility of rhizon soil moisture samplers in low conductivity soils.
11:15 AMMichael GoodmanGreg Carling
Using 87Sr/86Sr Ratios of Carbonate Minerals in Dust to Quantify Contributions from Desert Playas to the Urban Wasatch Front, Utah, USA
11:30 AMColin HaleGreg Carling
Using 87 Sr/86 Sr ratios to investigate changes in stream chemistry during snowmelt in the Provo River
11:45 AMTia MisuracaGreg Carling
Phosphorus flux in Utah Lake
12:00 PMBrian PackerGreg Carling
Mercury and Dissolved Organic Matter Dynamics During Snowmelt in the Upper Provo River, Utah, USA
12:15 PM

Geological Sciences Session #7

Chair: Barry Bickmore
Judge: Jani Radebaugh
Judge: Greg Carling
Location: JKB 2009
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMDallin AlbrightBarry Bickmore
A charge transfer model for use with bond valence
08:30 AMTodd CullenBarry Bickmore
Valence-Multipole Potential Energy Model
08:45 AMKiersten ErnstromBarry Bickmore
Assembling a database for broad-range bond-valence vs. length relationships
09:00 AMBethany FryBarry Bickmore
Optimization of Broad-Range Bond-Valence vs. Length Relationships
09:15 AMLars JordanJeff Keith
09:30 AMSteven HoodBrooks Britt
Utahraptor, the poorly known but popular Dromaeosaurid
09:45 AMAlec MartinBrooks Britt
A Bone to Pick: Databasing a new Coelophysoid Dinosaur from the Nugget Sandstone of Utah
10:00 AMBrandon TheurerBrooks Britt
Relative abundances and ontogenetic ranges of sphenosuchians and drepanosaurs at the Saints & Sinners Quarry (Late Triassic, Nugget Formation), Utah

Mathematics Session #1

Chair: Ben Webb
Judge: Kening Lu
Judge: Michael Griffin
Location: JKB 1115
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJulia BohmanEmily Evans
Network Similarity Measures
08:30 AMJason KinghornEmily Evans
Centrality and Network Similarity
08:45 AMBenjamin BurtEmily Evans
Spectral measures for network similarity
09:00 AMBryn Balls-BarkerEmily Evans
Ben Webb
A New Method for Predicting Link Formation in Social, Technological, and Natural Networks
09:15 AMTyler MoncurBen Webb
Binary Classification on Individual Transitions between Organizations
09:30 AMJoseph LeungBen Webb
Predicting how individuals transition between organizations using Machine Learning techniques
09:45 AMAlex LoydBen Webb
Centrality Measure Comparisons Across Competing Kinship Network Representations
10:00 AMJuan RodriguezEmily Evans
Centrality Measures in Large Dynamic Networks

Mathematics Session #2

Chair: Emily Evans
Judge: David Cardon
Judge: Emily Evans
Location: JKB 1115
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJacob SternBlake Barker
The Stability of Traveling Wave Solutions to a Two-group Epidemic Model with Time Delay
10:45 AMKrista PerryBlake Barker
Computer Assisted Proof of the Existence of Unstable Eigenvalues in PDEs
11:00 AMJalen MorganBlake Barker
Automated Time Evolution of Travelling Waves
11:15 AMAmber Oldroyd
Blake Barker
Stability of Traveling Waves in Multi-Species Combustion
11:30 AMMcKenna Jackson
Blake Barker
Stability of traveling waves in multi-species combustion
11:45 AMTaylor PaskettBlake Barker
Stability of Traveling Waves in Non-Is
12:00 PMTyler KharaziScott Glasgow
Solving the Full Quantum Electrodynamic Hamiltonian
12:15 PMDevin McGhieScott Glasgow
QED Hamiltonian Projection to 1-D
12:30 PMJames ScottRobin Roundy
Detecting Decentralized Malware

Mathematics Session #3

Chair: Martha Kilpack
Judge: Eric Swenson
Judge: Martha Kilpack
Location: JKB 1117
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMKyle MeakerCurtis Kent
Chromatic Numbers of the Plane
08:30 AMSheridan HardingCurtis Kent
Stable Colorings of the Plane With the L^\infty-metric
08:45 AMMatthew McGrathCurtis Kent
Stable Colorings of L^{p}-metrics in the plane
09:00 AMPeter SawyerGregory Conner
Automated categorization of rock samples using topological analysis
09:15 AMRachel Drapeau
Gregory Conner
Modeling rock microstructure using applied persistent homology
09:30 AMJoseph Drapeau
Gregory Conner
Applied Statistics to Persistent Homology
09:45 AMJacob BadgerDenise Halverson
Explaining Curved-Fold Behavior Through Normalized Coordinate Equations and Energy Methods
10:00 AMDavid Kartchner
Jeffrey Humpherys
Deep Object Localization Transfer Learning for Automated Wildlife Monitoring

Mathematics Session #4

Chair: Scott Glasgow
Judge: Gregory Conner
Judge: Scott Glasgow
Location: JKB 1117
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMGabriella SmithBen Webb
Analyzing Linear Approximations of Robotics Systems.
10:45 AMBrooke MosbyBen Webb
lLinearization Approximations for Robotics Control
11:00 AMJesse FriedbaumBen Webb
Stability and Robustness of Several Linear Approximation Techniques used for Robotics Control
11:15 AMEric OlmsteadBen Webb
Numerical Studies on the Effects of Time Delays to Network Synchronization
11:30 AMWesley StevensBen Webb
The Stability of Synchronization in Networks with Time-Delays
11:45 AMDallas SmithBen Webb
Applications of Equitable Decompositions for Graphs with Symmetry
12:00 PMDavid ReberBen Webb
Dynamical Stability despite Time-Varying Network Structure
12:15 PMStewart McGinnisBen Webb
Multiparticle Dynamics in a Lattice Gas System
12:30 PMTanner Christensen
Jeffrey Humpherys
Learning Vector-Space Disease Representations from Individual Diagnosis Networks

Mathematics Session #5

Chair: Rodney Forcade
Judge: Steve McKay
Judge: Mark Allen
Location: JKB 1119
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJason Christensen
Denise Halverson
Origami Design: The Feasibility of Mechanisms on Developable Surfaces
08:30 AMJacob BischoffDenise Halverson
Quaternions and their Application in Origami
08:45 AMSterling VossDenise Halverson
Geometric analysis of the Kresling origami pattern
09:00 AMAlma BradshawDenise Halverson
Applications of Origami Kresling Pattern
09:15 AMZachary BroylesDenise Halverson
Modeling origami in an enclosed space
09:30 AMJacob BadgerDenise Halverson
Approximating Doubly-Curved Surfaces with Geodesically Segmented Developbable Surfaces
09:45 AMSpencer Talbot
Denise Halverson
The Mathematics of Origami Mechanisms to be Deployed for Spinal Implants
10:00 AMErik ParkinsonGary Lawlor
Rodney Forcade
Tetrahedral Coverings of R3

Mathematics Session #6

Chair: Shue-Sum Chow
Judge: Shue-Sum Chow
Judge: Xian-Jin Li
Location: JKB 1119
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMMartha Morrise
Jared Whitehead
Ron Harris
Reconstruction of Historical Earthquake Events Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods
10:45 AMJoshua FullwoodJared Whitehead
Ron Harris
Statistical Management of Geophysical Uncertainty in Monte Carlo Tsunami Reconstruction
11:00 AMYajing ZhaoJared Whitehead
Prior Estimation Using ShakeMap for Bayesian Statistical Modelling of Historical Indonesian Seismicity
11:15 AMShane McQuarrieJared Whitehead
Data Assimilation in the Boussinesq Approximation for Convection
11:30 AMHunter KleinJared Whitehead
Ron Harris
Using modern data and translated historical accounts to unravel probable earthquake parameters of 17th to 19th century tsunamis."","

Recently translated 17th to 19th century historical records describe major tsunami and earthquake ev

11:45 AMCory VernonLennard Bakker
Celestial Molecular Mechanics: Quantum KAM Theory
12:00 PMMitchell SailsberyLennard Bakker
Numerical Evidence for Non-integrability of the Two-Center Symmetric Pair Problem for Negative Energy
12:15 PMAaron Kline
Tyler Jarvis
Sparse and Iterative Methods for Constructing Macaulay Matrix
12:30 PMHayden RingerTyler Jarvis
Eigenvalue Methods for Bounded and Unbounded Regions

Mathematics Session #7

Chair: Robin Roundy
Judge: Robin Roundy
Judge: Mark Hughes
Location: JKB 1121
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMHankun KoPaul Jenkins
A zero distributions of the new forms of weight k with level 2
08:30 AMEric Moss
Paul Jenkins
Congruences for coefficients of level 2 modular functions with poles at 0
08:45 AMRyan Keck
Paul Jenkins
Congruences for coefficients of level 2 modular functions with poles at 0
09:00 AMJonathan HalesMichael Griffin
Congruences of Modular Parameterizations
09:15 AMXue LiuKening Lu
09:30 AMJunyilang ZhaoKening Lu
Invariant Manifolds and Foliations for a Random Differential Equation
09:45 AMJason Colgrove
Jasbir Chahal
Proving the Existence of Modified Grade School Triangles Using Cube Roots
10:00 AMJason WhiteDavid Cardon
Zero-Sector Reducing Operators

Mathematics Session #8

Chair: Tyler Jarvis
Location: JKB 1121
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AM
10:45 AM
11:00 AM
11:15 AM
11:30 AM
11:45 AM
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Mathematics Session #9

Chair: Tyler Jarvis
Judge: Blake Barker
Judge: Tim Krumwiede
Location: JKB 1123
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMMcKell Stauffer
Tyler Jarvis
Facility Location Using Markov Chains
08:30 AMConnor Robertson
Tyler Jarvis
Facility Location Using Markov Chains
08:45 AMCatherine KellarTyler Jarvis
Random Polynomial Interpolation from Known Roots in the Multivariate Case
09:00 AMZach TaylorTyler Jarvis
A New Matrix Based Method for Computing Univariate Polynomial Roots
09:15 AMErik ParkinsonTyler Jarvis
Root-finding Techniques in Multiple Dimensions
09:30 AMMitchell Sailsbery
Tyler Jarvis
AMM Cost-Benefit Model Sensitivity Analysis
09:45 AMKatie Palmer
Tyler Jarvis
The AMM Cost Benefit Model (I) : Data
10:00 AMTyler Moncur
Tyler Jarvis
The AMM Cost Benefit Model (II) : Model

Mathematics Session #10

Chair: Darrin Doud
Judge: Darrin Doud
Judge: Curtis Kent
Location: JKB 1123
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMSeong-Eun ChoMark Hughes
Efficiently approximating the eigenvalues of a matrix or graph
10:45 AMSpencer ReschkeMark Hughes
An Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks
11:00 AMBryce PiersonMark Hughes
Reinforcement Learning and Gershgorin's Theorem
11:15 AMLeslie ColtonMark Hughes
Seifert Genus and Turaev Genus of Knots
11:30 AMMadeline MayMartha Kilpack
Algebraic Representations for a Finite Lattice
11:45 AMRyan Janai Kurth-OliveiraMartha Kilpack
Representing Pine-cone and Christmas Tree Lattices as Algebraic Structures
12:00 PMMichael AndersenGregory Conner
Properties of the Baer-Specker Group
12:15 PMNickolas CallorGregory Conner
Persistence Value Analysis, with Applications
12:30 PMMarissa GrahamEmily Evans
Comparing Network Similarity Measurement Techniques

Mathematics Session #11

Chair: Chris Grant
Judge: Chris Grant
Judge: Vianey Villamizar
Location: JKB 1126
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMCache ThompsonStephen Humphries
Schur Rings Over Free and Free Abelian Groups
08:30 AMJohn Garrett

Stephen Humphries
Schur-Rings and Character Tables
08:45 AMNathan NicholsonStephen Humphries
On Difference Sets Disjoint from a Subgroup
09:00 AMLindsay SoelbergPace Nielsen
Group Algebras of Torsion-free Groups: Zero Divisors or not?
09:15 AMVandy TombsPace Nielsen
Admissible Primes and Euclidean Domains
09:30 AMMatthew WilliamsNathan Priddis
Classification of ""Elliptic"" Landau-Ginzburg Models
09:45 AMJoseph WardNathan Priddis
A First Look at Nonabelian Mirror Symmetry
10:00 AMC.J. BottNathan Priddis
Mirror Symmetry for K3 Surfaces With Non-symplectic Automorphism

Mathematics Session #12

Chair: Gary Lawlor
Judge: Todd Fisher
Judge: Pace Nielsen
Location: JKB 1126
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMDane GrundvigVianey Villamizar
Deferred-Corrections fourth and sixth order schemes for acoustic waves with Farfield Expansion ABCs
10:45 AMDarian ComsaGary Lawlor
Arbitrary Volume Triple Bubble
11:00 AMBryce BlackhamRodney Forcade
Subtraction Games
11:15 AMJosh LinnellRodney Forcade
Lattice Simplex Covering Properties
11:30 AMShawn GreenRodney Forcade
Polya Counting for Lattices: An Introduction
11:45 AMNick FreemanTiancheng Ouyang
Variational Methods and Numerical Simulation of the N-Body Problem
12:00 PMKyle NiendorfTiancheng Ouyang
The N-Body Problem: A New Window
12:15 PMTanner Cranor

Tim Krumwiede
Kinetic Monte Carlo as a Model for Microscale 3D Printing
12:30 PMTim Sitze

Tim Krumwiede
Microscale 3D Printing with Kinetic Monte Carlo

Mathematics Education Session #1

Chair: Becky Chapman
Judge: Douglas Corey
Judge: Keith Leatham
Location: JKB 2104
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMCaroline LeflerDawn Teuscher
Covariational Reasoning
08:30 AMJosephine BastianDawn Teuscher
6 Aspects of Curricular Reasoning
08:45 AMKimber MathisDawn Teuscher
Secondary Preservice Mathematics Teachers' Curricular Reasoning: What Influences Their Decisions?
09:00 AMChelsea DicksonDan Siebert
Teachers' Use of the Equal Sign
09:15 AMKatelyn HarmanKeith Leatham
Blake Peterson
Misconceptions Related to Translating from the English Language to Mathematical Language
09:30 AMKonda LuckauDan Siebert
Graphing practices for linear functions in college algebra
09:45 AMKatelyn PyferDawn Teuscher
He Who Makes the Rules: Exploring Bias in Grading Collaboration
10:00 AM

Mathematics Education Session #2

Chair: Keith Leatham
Judge: Keith Leatham
Judge: Dan Siebert
Location: JKB 2104
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMAmy RossKate Johnson
Prospective mathematics teachers and their assumptions about students
10:45 AMMitchell ProbstSteven Jones
Assessing How Students Use Visual Imagery for Series Convegence Tests
11:00 AMCassie JobKate Johnson
How Teacher Questions Affect the Development of a Potential Hybrid Space in a Classroom with Latina/o Students
11:15 AMErin CarrollDawn Teuscher
Misconceptions with Limits
11:30 AMNavy BorrowmanDawn Teuscher
Limits and College Algebra
11:45 AM
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Mathematics Education Session #3

Chair: Dan Siebert
Judge: Dan Siebert
Judge: Dawn Teuscher
Location: JKB 2105
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMKiya HallSteven Jones
Addressing Pre-Service Teachers' Misconceptions About Confidence Intervals
08:30 AMHaley JeppsonSteven Jones
Developing students’ meaning for the chain rule, related rates, and implicit differentiation through contextual exploration
08:45 AMTamara StarkSteven Jones
Affect and Useful Mathematics
09:00 AMKylie PalskyKeith Leatham
Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Discourse Around the Productiveness of Teacher Moves in Response to Teachable Moments
09:15 AMEmily HalesBlake Peterson
Teacher Mindset
09:30 AMJoe WytiazKeith Leatham
What does it look like when I facilitate movement toward reform teaching from within my secondary math teacher collaboration team?
09:45 AM
10:00 AM

Physics & Astronomy Session #1

Chair: Kenneth Woolley
Judge: Michael Ware
Judge: Phillip Warner
Location: JKB 1101
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAdam BuggEric Hintz
Observing Cepheid Variables using the Robotic Telescopes on the BYU Observation Deck
08:30 AMTrent FurlongBrian Anderson
Using time reversal focusing for active control of magnetic resonance imaging noise
08:45 AMBenjamin FrancisMark Transtrum
Classification of sloppy models based on curvature
09:00 AMRichard BarneyJean-Francois Van Huele
Quantum Erasure with the Stern-Gerlach Effect
09:15 AMDerek HensleyGus Hart
Scatter vs. Fourier Transformations of a 1D Chain of Atoms
09:30 AMLauren HindmanJ. Ward Moody
Variability in Northern Blazars
09:45 AMChristoph SchulzkeJustin Peatross
Michael Ware
Analysis of Relativistic Electron Motion in an Intense Laser Field
10:00 AMMichael RoseScott Sommerfeldt
Kent Gee
Structural vibration damping of a vacuum-assisted toilet

Physics & Astronomy Session #2

Chair: Phil Colton
Judge: Jean-Francois Van Huele
Judge: Mont Johnson
Location: JKB 1101
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMAlessandro PeregoJohn Colton
Robert Davis
Electrical Conductivity of Monolayer Films of Ferritin Molecules
10:45 AMSterling BairdRobert Davis
Strategies to Maintain Safety and Charge Efficiency in High Specific Capacity Batteries
11:00 AMJoseph LawrenceKent Gee
Traci Neilsen
Scott Sommerfeldt
Directional pressure sensing using multi-microphone probes
11:15 AMKylie WolfeSteven Turley
Computer Control of the Vacuum Ultraviolet Reflectometer
11:30 AMMenley StewartTraci Neilsen
Using Perception to Determine Acoustic Shock Threshold
11:45 AMQuinton McKnightScott Bergeson
Laser Spectroscopy of the Ytterbium 173 Hyperfine States
12:00 PMRyan DoelBryan Peterson
Refining the Model of Ion Wind Propulsion by Analyzing Thrust Dependence on Electrode Geometry
12:15 PMEthan WelchDallin Durfee
Using spectra and Amplitude to stabilize an injection locked laser

Physics & Astronomy Session #3

Chair: Ray West
Judge: Richard Vanfleet
Judge: Jacob Albretsen
Location: JKB 1103
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAaron GentillonKarine Chesnel
Magnetic domain morphologies in Co(60A)Pt multilayers
08:30 AMJoseph ChandlerRoss Spencer
Ion Sheath Creation in an Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer
08:45 AMAmanda Howard
Robert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
Using modified magnetic particles to separate bacteria from blood for rapid diagnosis
09:00 AMSpencer WadsworthMark Transtrum
Surface Roughness of Superconductors
09:15 AMJoshua GreggBrian Anderson
Nonlinear resonant ultrasound spectroscopy using electromagnetic excitation
09:30 AMMicah ShelleyJohn Colton
Arsenic-Doped Zinc Oxide Thin Film Growth by RF Magnetron Sputtering
09:45 AMJohn ChristensenGus Hart
Keeping Squares Square
10:00 AMA.J. RasmussonJean-Francois Van Huele
Quantum Simulation of Error-disturbance Uncertainty Relations using IBM’s Quantum Computer

Physics & Astronomy Session #4

Chair: Mark Transtrum
Judge: Mark Transtrum
Judge: Derek Thomas
Location: JKB 1103
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMStefan LehnardtRobert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
Characterization of Multilayer Graphene Films
10:45 AMHayden OliverGus Hart
Numerical Methods and their Application in Materials Discovery
11:00 AMBerg DodsonRichard Vanfleet
Robert Davis
Conductivity of the Carbon Nanotube/Substrate Interface
11:15 AMDallen PetersenDallin Durfee
3D Printed Motorized Mirror Mounts
11:30 AMIan ClarkDenise Stephens
Searching for Exoplanets with KELT
11:45 AMAlex SpencerDenise Stephens
The Search for Exoplanets
12:00 PMReese RasbandKent Gee
Impulse Noise Measurements of M16 Rifles at Quantico Marine Base
12:15 PMDaniel Boyce
John Colton
Synthesis of Platinum Nanoparticles for Catalysis

Physics & Astronomy Session #5

Chair: Larry Rees
Judge: Larry Rees
Judge: Jeannette Lawler
Location: JKB 1105
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMNatalie BecarRobert Davis
Comparison of fluorescence and culture methods to quantify bacteria in a rapid separation device for the more efficient diagnosis of sepsis
08:30 AMSeth ClarkeEric Hintz
H-alpha Variability in the Young Open Cluster Cygnus OB2
08:45 AMJacob BarkerJustin Peatross
3D Visualization of Light Scattered by a Free Electron in a Relativistic Laser Focus
09:00 AMNicholas Van AlfenJ. Ward Moody
Survey of Bright Blazars
09:15 AMAlden PackMark Transtrum
Estimating the Superconducting Superheating Field in Time-Dependent Ginzburg-Landau Theory using Bifurcation Analysis
09:30 AMSuzanna GilbertTracianne Neilsen
Calculating the Sound Power of a Dodecahedron Loudspeaker
09:45 AMMichael DenisonBrian Anderson
Understanding the Effect of Room Parameters on Acoustic Time Reversal
10:00 AMJacob WardKent Gee
Calculating the frequency-dependent apparent source location of jet noise using peak cross-correlation between nearfield and far-field microphone arrays

Physics & Astronomy Session #6

Chair: Darin Ragozzine
Judge: Darin Ragozzine
Judge: James Brady
Location: JKB 1105
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMAaron DavisRichard Vanfleet
Robert Davis
Silicon Micro Column Thermal Gradient Gas Chromatography
10:45 AMNick PorterDallin Durfee
Wavelength metrology through etaloning effects and color filtering
11:00 AMSamuel BellowsTimothy Leishman
Near Field Acoustic Holography of Musical Instruments
11:15 AMZachary JonesKent Gee
Scott Sommerfeldt
Noise-Reduction in Vacuum-Assisted Toilets
11:30 AMMegan SearlesGus Hart
Ternary Systems and Machine Learning!
11:45 AMJonathan BassettDavid Neilsen
Chaos in the Spinning Relativistic Three-body Problem
12:00 PMJ. Ryan PetersonJohn Colton
David Allred
Photoluminescence Study of P-type Arsenic-doped Zinc Oxide Thin Films
12:15 PMNick AllenRobert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Advanced Energy Storage

Physics & Astronomy Session #7

Chair: Bryan Peterson
Judge: Bryan Peterson
Judge: Phil Matheson
Location: JKB 1106
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMKatrina PedersenMark Transtrum
Using Machine Learning to Accurately Predict Ambient Soundscapes
08:30 AMRylan KingTimothy Leishman
The anatomy of a 2030’s UUV: An acoustically stealthy soft-bodied UUV propulsion system
08:45 AMStephen HoggBrian Anderson
Characterizing stress corrosion cracking in stainless steel using nonlinear resonant ultrasound spectroscopy
09:00 AMMichael CarlsonRoss Spencer
ICP-MS Skimmer Cone Shock Simulations Compared to Experimental Measurements
09:15 AMChristian LambertManuel Berrondo
Modeling Splitting in Flocking Boids Using Graphs
09:30 AMEllyse TaylorJustin Peatross
Michael Ware
Setup to Measure Polarization-Resolved Light Scattered from Relativistic Free Electrons in an Intense Laser Focus
09:45 AMCaleb GoatesScott Sommerfeldt
Vibration-based sound power calculation with acoustic radiation modes
10:00 AMStephen KotterKarine Chesnel
Fits optimization of magnetic profiles in magnetite assemblies

Physics & Astronomy Session #8

Chair: Justin Peatross
Judge: Justin Peatross
Judge: Derek Hullinger
Location: JKB 1106
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMBenjamin WhettenDallin Durfee
Construction and Characterization of an Avalanche Photodiode Detector
10:45 AMMylan CookKent Gee
The effects of contaminating noise on the calculation of active acoustic intensity
11:00 AMFischer SummersRobert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
Sepsis diagnosis using magnetic nanoparticles and a microfluidic device
11:15 AMDavid KaneRichard Vanfleet
Robert Davis
Varying Penetration Depths in Atomic Layer Deposition on High Aspect Ratio Carbon Nanotube Forests
11:30 AMHyun LimEric Hirschmann
Binary Black Hole Merger : Beyond General Relativity
11:45 AMScott CrossenJohn Colton
Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance; Computational Predictions and Experimental Results
12:00 PMMichael GreenburgSteven Turley
Surface Roughness' Effects on Reflectance
12:15 PMHyrum RichardsonMichael Ware
Electron Behavior in Extremely Intensive Laser Fields

Physics & Astronomy Session #9

Chair: Timothy Leishman
Judge: Timothy Leishman
Judge: David McKenna
Location: JKB 1107
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMSean PearceElizabeth Kraczek
Michael Joner
Photometric Calibrations of Gemini Images of NGC 6253
08:30 AMJared MillerScott Sommerfeldt
Altering Listening Environments through Active Noise Control
08:45 AMAlexandra NelsonEric Hintz
Observations of Delta Scuti Variable Stars
09:00 AMKennedy LincolnGus Hart
Representations in Machine Learning
09:15 AMPaul RussavageTraci Neilsen
Testing Our Perception of Jet Crackle
09:30 AMKolby NottinghamMark Transtrum
Acoustics Crowd Behavior
09:45 AMRyan VanfleetRobert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
David Allred
Controlling Reactant Exposure in Tungsten Atomic Layer Deposition
10:00 AMSteven MaggardDarin Ragozzine
Tracking an Exodus: Lost Children of the Dwarf Planet Haumea

Physics & Astronomy Session #10

Chair: J. Ward Moody
Judge: J. Ward Moody
Judge: James Lund
Location: JKB 1107
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMFelicity NielsonGus Hart
Solving Hydrogen Embrittlement on Steel Grain Boundaries
10:45 AMMichael PetersonScott Bergeson
Designing and Building Laser Locking Mechanisms
11:00 AMJames EriksonJohn Colton
Conductivity Measurements in ZnO Thin-Film Semiconductors
11:15 AMMichael NelsonLarry Rees
Optimization of Large Data Analysis
11:30 AMPaige PriceDallin Durfee
Stabilizing Lasers by Analyzing Phase Noise
11:45 AMKevin LaughlinRobert Davis
Microscale encapsulation of silicon coated CNT anodes for lithium ion batteries
12:00 PMChristopher YostBranton Campbell
Algebraic search for cooperative-rotational rigid-unit modes
12:15 PMDaniel NovakovichKent Gee
Community Noise Levels of Rockets

Physics & Astronomy Session #11

Chair: Eric Hirschmann
Judge: Eric Hirschmann
Judge: Darrell Peterson
Location: JKB 1108
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMTravis HoytScott Sommerfeldt
Improved Acoustic Power Estimates of Sound Sources in Semi-reverberant Enclosures Using Generalized Energy Density
08:30 AMBrayden BekkerGus Hart
One Interatomic Potential for 10 Binary Alloys
08:45 AMPaul BaileyJean-Francois Van Huele
Schmidt Decomposition: What is it and what is it good for?
09:00 AMDavid Van KomenTracianne Neilsen
Kent Gee
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Subarrays in Beamforming Computations
09:15 AMR. Maren SkidmoreRobert Davis
Verifying Magnetic Particle Modification for Rapid Bacterial Diagnosis
09:30 AMBrittni NewboldKarine Chesnel
Magnetic Ordering of Magnetite (Fe3O4) Nanoparticle Assemblies
09:45 AMJared CarlsonMark Transtrum
Dependence of the superconducting superheating field on material inhomogeneity
10:00 AMRochelle BiancardiJ. Ward Moody
Photometrically Measuring Redshift and Equivalent Width of Dwarf Galaxies

Physics & Astronomy Session #12

Chair: Eric Hintz
Judge: Eric Hintz
Judge: Paul Urie
Location: JKB 1108
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMRyan HatchEric Hirschmann
The Characteristic Problem in Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics
10:45 AMWilliam BlackDavid Neilsen
Primordial Origins of Supermassive Black Holes
11:00 AMJarom JacksonDallin Durfee
Fourier Domain Microscopic Imaging
11:15 AMHeather HoggJohn Colton
Temperature dependence of fluorescence lifetime for cadmium telluride nanoparticles and rhodamine B
11:30 AMAlexandra GruszkiewiczJohn Colton
Temperature dependence of fluorescence lifetime for cadmium telluride nanoparticles and rhodamine B
11:45 AMKevin LeeteKent Gee
Traci Neilsen
Trends in Military Aircraft Jet Noise Across Engine Condition
12:00 PMKyle LarsenRobert Davis
Strength and modulus of free-standing many-layer graphene films
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #13

Chair: Dallin Durfee
Judge: Dallin Durfee
Judge: Dan Allen
Location: JKB 1110
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMKeir AshbyDarin Ragozzine
What Planets did Kepler Miss?
08:30 AMTy BeusManuel Berrondo
Quantum Dynamic Control of a Time Dependent Mass Parametric Oscillator via Lie Algebra Representation
08:45 AMColby WalkerKarine Chesnel
Exchange bias in [Co/Pd] / IrMn thin films
09:00 AMBrent ReichmanKent Gee
Traci Neilsen
Comparison of jet noise between flyover and ground run-up measurements
09:15 AMLeslie HoweJustin Peatross
Levitating Microscopic Particles in a Laser Beam via Photophoresis
09:30 AMBrian PatchettBrian Anderson
Generation of Nonlinear Acoustic Shockwaves Using a Time Reversal Process
09:45 AMAndrew HernandezEric Hintz
H alpha filter calibration using psf photometry on h and chi Persei
10:00 AMNathan FoulkGus Hart
Adaptive Tolerances in the Classification of Materials

Physics & Astronomy Session #14

Chair: Karine Chesnel
Judge: Manuel Berrondo
Judge: Karine Chesnel
Location: JKB 1110
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMTyler HopkinKent Gee
Evaluation of Room EQ Wizard for Acoustical Characterization of Venues
10:45 AMJesse RichmondDavid Allred
Hydrogen Peroxide Formation through UV Interactions on Mars
11:00 AMElisabeth FrischknechtDenise Stephens
Finding Planets Around Massive Stars
11:15 AMMiles ClemensBranton Campbell
Topological Defects in the Solid State
11:30 AMParker HamiltonGus Hart
Making materials prediction faster: Finding integration grids to leverage symmetry
11:45 AMWilliam OldroydJani Radebaugh
Thermal Equilibrium Depth Modeling for a Potential Hidden Population of Antarctic Meteorites
12:00 PMJonathan TreterDallin Durfee
Bayer Array Wavelength Detector
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #15

Chair: Branton Campbell
Judge: Branton Campbell
Judge: Nathan Powers
Location: JKB 1104
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMPaige SimpsonBrian Anderson
Optimizing transducers for time reversal used in crack detection
08:30 AMLincoln StewartJohn Ellsworth
Plasma self-confinement time at moderate ion densities
08:45 AMJeremy JorgensenGus Hart
Accelerating Materials Discovery
09:00 AMBenjamin ProudfootDarin Ragozzine
Constraining the Formation of Haumea using the Distribution of Haumea Family Members
09:15 AMMason ParkesKarine Chesnel
Effects of field cooling on Magnetic Domain Memory
09:30 AMSpencer RobertsRobert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
Plasma etching sacrificial features in Carbon Nanotube Templated Microfabrication of Neural probe arrays.
09:45 AMMatthew LawyerJean-Francois Van Huele
To what extent are local hidden varibles incompatible with quantum mechanics?
10:00 AMEric ToddMark Transtrum
Modeling Crowd Noise with Machine Learning

Physics & Astronomy Session #16

Chair: Brian Anderson
Judge: Brian Anderson
Judge: David Martineau
Location: JKB 1104
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMAlexandra DavisDavid Allred
Steven Turley
Studying Oxidation of Aluminum Under Various Thicknesses of Aluminum Fluoride
10:45 AMCharles LewisJohn Colton
Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles in Ferritin
11:00 AMAdam DodsonScott Bergeson
Quantum Interference in Hyperfine Levels of Ytterbium
11:15 AMAnnie LaughlinRobert Davis
High Surface Area Lithium Electrodes
11:30 AMBrooks ButlerKent Gee
Mark Transtrum
Clustering analysis on geospatial features for predicting acoustic soundscapes
11:45 AMCarter DayDallin Durfee
Simulating aberrations in IPSII imaging
12:00 PMChandramouli NyshadhamGus Hart
Materials prediction using machine learning: comparing MBTR, MTP and deep learning
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #17

Chair: Scott Bergeson
Judge: David Allred
Judge: Scott Bergeson
Location: JKB 1102
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMColter StewartJohn Colton
Characterization of ZnO Thin Films by Ellipsometry
08:30 AMTyler WestoverRobert Davis
Polymer templated annealing of gold nanowires
08:45 AMSarah ShawTraci Neilsen
Acoustics of Volcanic Eruptions
09:00 AMCarson RichardsKarine Chesnel
Optimizing the Magnetic Domains of 8 and 31 Angstrom Co/Pt Thin-Films
09:15 AMBenjamin SzamosfalviJean-Francois Van Huele
Probing the Quantum-Classical Boundary Using Product Coherent States
09:30 AMWiley MorganGus Hart
Generating Generalized K-point Grids on the fly
09:45 AMNathan BenfellDarin Ragozzine
Testing Backwards Integration As A Method Of KBO Family-Finding and Age-Determination
10:00 AMSarah YoungBrian Anderson
Time reversed elastic nonlinearity diagnostic applied to stress corrosion cracking in stainless steel

Statistics Session #1

Chair: Shannon Tass
Judge: Shannon Tass
Judge: David Dahl
Location: JKB 1125
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAngela TeuscherWilliam Christensen
Predicting House Prices using Gamma Regression
08:30 AMMicaela JohnsonBrian Hartman
Obesity Rates in Georgia: A Case Study on Reducing America’s Obesity Epidemic
08:45 AMDavid LoweGilbert Fellingham
Measuring the Performance of Information Criteria in a Repeated Measure Setting
09:00 AMFloid GilbertDavid Dahl
How to Train a Computer to Ask Good Questions
09:15 AMKatie LarsonShane Reese
William Christensen
Bayesian Computation for High Dimensional Himalayan Glacier Tracking
09:30 AMBenjamin CleggShane Reese
Predictive Crash Severity Distribution for Utah State Roadways Based on Facility Type
09:45 AMBrent MabeyShane Reese
William Christensen
Gaussian Processes to Validate Precipitation Models
10:00 AMChris DixonGarritt Page
Building League-to-League Performance Curves for Professional Basketball Players

Statistics Session #2

Chair: William Christensen
Judge: William Christensen
Judge: David Dahl
Location: JKB 1125
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMDavid ArthurCandace Berrett
A Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Change Point Model for Identifying Urban Heat Islands in Utah
10:45 AMMatthew ZackrisonShannon Tass
Pairs Trading Algorithm
11:00 AMMichael VaughnRobert Richardson
Baum-Welch Algorithm in Genome Sequencing
11:15 AMBrandon CarterDavid Dahl
Clustering via Pairwise Distance Information
11:30 AMChristian DavisMatthew Heaton
Pairs Trading: Finding the Optimal Value of k
11:45 AMDean SobczakCandace Berrett
A Bayesian Regression Model for Foreign Aid Allocation
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Statistics Session #3

Chair: Robert Richardson
Judge: Dennis Tolley
Judge: Robert Richardson
Location: JKB 1127
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJeremy MeyerRichard Warr
David Dahl
Attraction Indian Buffet Distribution
08:30 AMMichael ChristensenShane Reese
Climate Model Validation via Local Approximate Gaussian Processes
08:45 AMEaston HuchRobert Richardson
Poisson Regression Models: Methods and Application
09:00 AMJacob MerrellDennis Tolley
Box Office Prediction
09:15 AMKaylee HodgsonRichard Warr
Data Dispersion and Gender: An Analysis of Policy-Makers in Peru, Tanzania, and India
09:30 AMZach HortonGarritt Page
Finding Representative Curves Using Principle Components
09:45 AMJackson CurtisRichard Warr
Modeling System Reliability using Bayesian Non-Parametric Methods
10:00 AMMatt OehlerGilbert Fellingham
Beach Volleyball Team Optimization

Statistics Session #4

Chair: Richard Warr
Judge: Robert Richardson
Judge: Richard Warr
Location: JKB 1127
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMBradley Hill

Gilbert Fellingham
Expected Points and Risk for Various Play Types
10:45 AMKevin Toney
Garritt Page
How Switching Leagues Affects Basketball Performance
11:00 AMClarissa FarmerShannon Tass
The Gene Expression Levels of Males and Females with Genetic Diseases
11:15 AMWoo Jin KimRobert Richardson
Matrix Population Model
11:30 AMShelby TaylorMatthew Heaton
The Spatial Distribution of Heat-related Illnesses across Houston, TX
11:45 AMBrandon SucherGilbert Fellingham
Identifying optimal individual preparation for better player performance
12:00 PMKellie Monk
Gilbert Fellingham
Increasing BYU Women's Tennis Win Percentage on Controllable Points
12:15 PMChandler Fischbeck
Dennis Tolley
Creating and Using a Denumerated Data Set

Statistics Session #5

Chair: Garritt Page
Judge: Garritt Page
Judge: Richard Warr
Location: JKB 1129
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAndrew Flint
Gilbert Fellingham
An Analysis of BYU Men's Soccer Shot Selection Efficiency
08:30 AMEric Lin
Gilbert Fellingham
BYU Shots
08:45 AMTanner Brotherson

Gilbert Fellingham
Player Points Above Average Created (PAAC)
09:00 AMVan Johansen
Gilbert Fellingham
09:15 AMConner RockwoodGilbert Fellingham
Optimal Point of Contact to Yield the Highest Probability of an Attack Kill
09:30 AMShad KarlsonGilbert Fellingham
BYU Hockey Analytics
09:45 AMNathan JonesGilbert Fellingham
Impacts of NBA Injuries
10:00 AMCory Ortiz
Gilbert Fellingham
An Analysis of Offensive Efficiency in Women’s Collegiate Basketball

Statistics Session #6

Chair: Candace Berrett
Judge: Candace Berrett
Judge: Scott Grimshaw
Location: JKB 1129
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMElijah Harmon

Brian Hartman
Auto Loss Costs
10:45 AMLindsay WilliamsonShane Reese
William Christensen
Exploratory Data Analysis for Glacier Tracking
11:00 AMCason WightRichard Warr
Error Bounds for Solutions to Continuous Time Semi-Markov Models
11:15 AMKaylee DudleyBrian Hartman
Clustering Healthcare Costs by Disease
11:30 AMJosh MeyersDennis Tolley
Matching by Balancing Margins: The RCBalance algorithm
11:45 AMZoe GibbsBrian Hartman
Using Machine Learning to Predict High Cost Patients
12:00 PMLynsie WarrShane Reese
William Christensen
Bayesian Modelling of the Probability of Daily Precipitation in High Mountain Asia
12:15 PMBen TingeyMatthew Heaton
Exposure of Particulate Matter (pm10)


Chair: Barry Bickmore
Judge: Barry Bickmore
Location: JKB 1018
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract


Chair: test
Judge: test
Location: JKB 1006
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract