Museum of Paleontology Opens Its Doors for Family Night

The Museum of Paleontology will open its doors on Monday evenings in November and invites one and all to enjoy a fun, educational “Family Night” at the museum. Learning about mammoths and dinosaurs was never so exciting. “Family Night” at the museum will benefit both families and student “Home Evening” groups alike.

Beginning in November, “Family Night” hours will extend on Mondays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. to increase opportunities for families to visit and experience the exhibits together. Special tours will also be available by contacting museum curator and director, Rod Scheetz, at 801-422-3680.

The Ice Age and the Jurassic Era come alive within the museum’s walls. The museum specializes in Upper Jurassic dinosaur fossils from North America. It also displays a variety of collections, including Devonian fish and Pleistocene mammoths.

Founded as the Earth Science Museum in 1976 by the late James A. Jensen for the preparation, study and display of dinosaurs and other fossils, the recently renamed Museum of Paleontology possesses one of the largest collections of Upper Jurassic period dinosaur fossils. For several decades, the unprepared fossils were stored under the university’s football stadium until a recent addition was built on the museum to accommodate them.

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