3MT Winners present diverse array of theses

From DNA origami nanowires to vacuum-assisted toilets, CPMS students presented an impressive array of topics at this year’s 3MT Competition held Feb. 22.

The annual competition challenges graduate students to present their theses in under three minutes. Students present their theses using language non-specialists can understand. Judges rate presenters on how well they: 1) explain their research 2) spark the audience’s desire to know more; and 3) communicate in language “appropriate to an intelligent but non-specialist audience.”

A total of 18 students participated in this year’s competition. The eight winners earned cash prizes ranging from $50 to $1,000.

1st Place $1,000: Michael Rose, Physics
Vacuum-Assisted Toilets: Shhhhh!

2nd Place $750: Zach Horton, Statistics
Finding Subpopulations Among Individuals That Suffer From Chronic Ankle Instability

3rd Place $500: Jeremy Jorgenson, Physics
Taking a Test with the Answer Key: Cheating Materials Discovery

Honorable Mention Recipients, $50:

Shiladitya Chatterjee, Chemistry
Chemometric Analysis of Essential Oils

Marjan Mohammadihashemi, Chemistry
Ceragenins: Mimics of Endogenous Antimicrobial Peptides

Seth Stewart, Computer Science
Automatically Extracting and Reading Handwriting Using Neural Networks

Hayley Jeppson, Mathematics Education
Developing Calculus Students’ Meaning for the Chain Rule, Related Rates, and Implicit Differentiation through contextual Exploration

Emily Hales, Mathematics Education
Teacher Mindset

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