Other Speeches

Do We Really Believe?

Blake E. Peterson — May 24, 2016

Blake E. Peterson, chair of the Department of Mathematics Education gave the devotional at BYU forum on May 24.

All That Ye Need to Know

John D. Lamb — May 20, 2014

Dr. John Lamb, the 2014 Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecturer and a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, gave an at the BYU forum on May 20. To listen to the forum, click here.

Family, Education, and Careers: Women in Math, Science and Engineering

President Cecil O. Samuelson — March 17, 2005

Professor Halverson shared with me that the purpose of our hour together this morning is to “give encouragement and support to . . . undergraduate women as they pursue their education in the areas of math, science and engineering.” Further, it was pointed out to me that a concern many of you have is the perceived conflict between women preparing for a career in the hard sciences and the Church teachings on family. I will attempt to address this issue, together with some other counsel, for you. I must confess that I believe I know more about preparing for a career in the hard sciences and Church teachings on the family than I do about being a woman. Nevertheless, I’ll do my best. For the full text, click here.