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Career Essentials Course

Many science and math majors find careers in the business world—where they discover that some understanding of how a business functions can be vital to their success. Students exploring that option can now prepare for what the business world may be like by enrolling in Career Essentials.
This 1.5-credit course combines the expertise of BYU faculty and staff, as well as industry professionals with engaging lectures and a hands-on project to provide students with a glimpse into how life might be working for a company.
“We hope that the seminar will better prepare our students to work in the business world,” said associate dean and course coordinator Bart Kowallis. “Being a good scientist is often not enough to succeed in the business world. Students need to have a knowledge of the business world and an interest in the success of the company they work for.”
In the course, that understanding comes through lectures on topics including technology readiness, project management, business presentations, product liability, business writing, corporate politics, portfolio management, internal accounting data and external accounting statements.
In addition to attending lectures, students will apply what they learn by preparing a group presentation that combines scientific knowledge with the business practices they learn in the seminar. For example, students in the past have presented plans for bringing an unmanned aerial vehicle from concept to reality, including providing budgets, profit projections, and plans for finding investors.
The course is listed as Business Practices under course number 500 in each department of the college, i.e. CS 500, GEOL 500, etc. Students interested in registering may view the available times by semester and department through the University Schedule.